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From well before we had a website, one of our goals was to blog about the process of each of the batches of cheese that we make. Those darned good intentions always seem to be put on the back burner while more pressing tasks (such as making the cheese, or cutting and packaging, or you get the idea, you’ve got such lists) take precedent. Well since we’re at the beginning of next year’s cheese makes, it’s high time I jump in and start the process!

While I have absolutely no idea if anyone will read these or, indeed, be interested in learning the minutiae of their recently purchased cheese, I will, regardless, begin the endeavor.

Let’s start with some background. Around this time last year, we began naming each batch of cheese either with the name of an event, say, our youngest daughter’s birthday or just what was summing up the week. ¬†That would be the first one named, ‘OW’, for when Joe tweaked his back and really didn’t want to be a cheese maker that day.

So the plan of this blog is to give you, lovely reader and cheese fancier, an idea of the entire process of said cheese from the weather the cows enjoyed/endured/ignored in the days prior to milking, to the process of the make and beyond to the curing room and anything interesting or odd that happens along the way till it is brought up from the vault, packaged and finds it’s way into your hand. ¬†Each blog title will begin with the batch number which you can find in a couple different places on your cheese, the easiest being on the center bottom of the bag.

We look forward to any suggestions, questions or ideas you might have to make this a more helpful page!

Cheers, Wendi and Joe


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