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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Thank you for a wonderful year!

Somehow we have managed to find a home for every piece of aged cheese we have leaving us busily making and replenishing the vault with loads of lactic treasures!

For now, ordering here on the site is going to be a little on the “nope” side. It’s probably going to be at least two months before we have anything ready to cut. Calling to see how things are going is always an option – 406-883-0343 – and we do have our fantastic feta (which we can’t mail) and versatile and every tasty curds and Notzarella (which we can mail – if the weather is cool). We’re here 10-5 Monday through Saturday Montana time.

Some of you may have gotten a test piece of our latest experiment. If you did, please be a thorough with your feedback as you can! If all goes as planned, we may have a new tasty treat to offer up next Summer.

For now, though, these two little cheesemakers will be taking the long weekend off to refresh, rejuvenate and eat lots of other folks’ cheese. No really, the drawer is full of all sorts of lovelies that need our attention. There might even be a tiny chunk of one of our own in there.

Happy New Years, dear ones. Thanks for supporting our tiny yellow Creamery by the Bay even if it’s only in reading these words and perusing the site. 2017 has a long year but bright shiny 2018 is right around the corner filled with new adventures, new friends and loads and loads of cheese!

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A little like Mother Hubbard

Much like the old nursery rhyme, our cupboard (or at least, our walk in) in nearly bare. We do have a few pieces of aged left so give me a call and we’ll get you cheesed.

From our Creamery to yours ;o), and however you celebrate the Holidays (we try to celebrate as many as possible!!), we would like to wish you a safe, loving, magical season!

Cheers! Wendi and Joe

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Down to the last few gift boxes

Boy, but the cheese is flying out of the Creamery! We are down to the last 5 sampler packs (yup – I have 5 pieces of Wisp o’ Smoke left) and then we’ll just have Doorstop and Galiki (and we’re not sporting many of those either!!) SO, your best bet for seeing what we still have would be to give me a ring (and I do mean on the phone – old song reference) during business hours 406-883-0343 and we can talk cheese. Do still have Bison Salami, Fat Robin organic Flathead Cherries and Dobson Creek Coffee to make those loved ones feel extra special when they open your gifts. I even have a few of the hand carved locally made cheese knives. Just not much cheese. Cheers and may all the best of the Season be upon you. Or something like that!

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