The idea to change our lives and become cheese makers sprung from an inspiration while soaking in the backyard hot tub now over a decade ago. Sometimes those are the best ideas, the wild ones, the dreams.

After several years of due diligence, we realized that our first choice for building a cheese creamery on site in town was our best and in May of 2009, we broke ground. Doing the majority of the work ourselves, the plans evolved as our knowledge and needs allowed. We ended up with a two story, bright yellow, copper roofed, solar thermal crowned building.

Finding yourself planning your dream holiday in NW Montana? Make sure you make time to visit us here in Polson. We’re just two blocks east of Main Street. North towards the lake on 2nd St E and then right on 1st Ave E where you’ll find yourself on a residential dead end street with a great view of the bay. Park under the 100+ year old Maple trees and take a stroll down the sidewalk to our bright yellow Creamery. For those who might have limited mobility, turn right at the first alley (just beyond Cherry’s BBQ – also a must for those who love good smoked meats) and park right in front of the Creamery.If we’re not making or processing cheese, we’ll invite you for a quick tour and a taste BUT, if we are cheesing, we’ll entertain and sample you at our fabulous walk up window. (OK, time to fess up. We had absolutely no idea folks would want to come and visit us so we didn’t build for an actual tasting room hence the inspired and very creative walk up window.) Either way, I bet you’ll have fun and might even find a new cheese favorite!

208 1st Ave E
Polson, Montana 59860