Joe’s Hawaiian Shirt Feta

We’re working on making this your everyday cheese. Perfect on veggies, eggs, you name it. With a full strong but balanced tang, this feta complements just about all your recipes. Try adding to your bowl of soup or stew – tasty!

Note* We pack the feta in a brine solution, as you probably know, and it doesn’t ship all that well. If you’re desperate, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do to ship it to you. 406-883-0343.

Ray’s Pop Curds

It is easy to see why we packaged it the way we do, Once open, it’s kind of hard to stop snacking on them. In natural, naturally cold smoked, and during the summer months, garlic and wasabi, these curds are made from our Gouda recipe and have a much more distinctive flavor than their cheddar counterparts have. Not just for snacking, the curds melt wonderfully and make fabulous comfort foods — from pizza to caprese salad to mac and cheese.

Note* Curds DO NOT like heat so not listed on our purchase page. We can ship them, though, in the cold months. We’re talking the 60’s or lower. Please call us directly to order.

Buckshot Gouda

Whole black peppercorns flavor this luscious cheese lending a nuttiness to the body of paste. Gently softened, the peppercorns still carry a touch of the heat, just not the crunch. All the subtle nuances of the pepper flavor can be enjoyed in delightful peppercorn cheese.

Hotshot Gouda

You want hot, we got hot and boy is it tasty. Wonderful Gouda flavor with just a hint of heat. The kick so many folks are clamoring for can be found in and around the whole tiny chilis. I like to refer to it as ‘boy howdy hot’. So good you may find it hard to share! Guess you should get two.

Doorstop Gouda

Waiting for our test batches to age the 6 to 8 months needed to come to full flavor, Joe quipped, “Heck, if it doesn’t work out, we can always use it for a doorstop.” The cheese ‘worked out’ but the name stuck! Courtesy of our aging process, this Gouda ends up tasting closer to a Traditional English Cheddar; drier and more complex in flavor with lactic acid crystals, that little bit of crunch.

Wisp o’ Smoke Doorstop Gouda

Smoked the slow and cold way with our local apple wood, this cheese is smooth and creamy with just a gentle hint of smoke. None of that harsh liquid smoke flavor here. Nope, we do it the hard way.

Hoppin’ Mad Gouda

None of the bitterness of some hoppy beers, Hoppin’ Mad tastes more like the first day of Spring smells. This cheese has an earthy floral flavor that is satisfying with an IPA, glass of white wine or a mug of your favorite tea.

Seasonal – Spring until it’s gone

Big Chai Gouda

Working with Tipu’s Chai, made right here in Polson, we have come up with something you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. All those fabulous flavors – clove, ginger, cardamom, black pepper – make this cheese reminiscent of wonderful holiday memories and it is sure to make some of its own.

Seasonal – Fall and Winter until it’s gone

Galiki Gouda

Roasted garlic nibs (confession – not the correct definition but garlic chunk cheese doesn’t sound quite as palatable but is far more fun to say!) make this an exquisite addition to our cheese family. Not for the faint of heart, this is a true cheese and garlic lovers cheese! Our test batches two summers didn’t last long and we found out last year, the longer it ages, the more garlicy fantasticness it achieves while still having a wonderful complex aged cheese flavor. Spectacular on any kind of burger. Well, haven’t tried in on any fishy burger yet but black bean to bison – Yum!

Oh, and Galiki is Igbo, a sub Saharan nomadic tribe of folk, for garlic.

Plan 9

This is one of our favorite surprises and, once you taste it, will be yours too. More like a baby Swiss than the Gouda it started out life as, this current batch is also a little Muenstery in it’s creaminess.

As far as the name goes, since we can’t predict when we’ll have it, we found it was very reminiscent of one of our favorite Ed Wood films. Can you guess which one?

Note* Always a limited run so grab it when it’s here!

Doc Arnold’s Notzarella

Gouda for what ails you!

Our version of mozzarella but as a whole milk cheese and it does everything you’d expect it to and sure is tasty while it does it! Luxuriously.

As the label states – How can you go wrong?

Note* Another fresh cheese not shown on our purchase page. OK to ship in cold months – call to order.