While the cheese store page currently looks bleak (we sold the last of the available aged cheese on Christmas Eve), we are soooo close to the next batches of ripe cheese love.

We have been making cheese and loading up the vault as quickly as we can these past few months. With our aged cheeses, that’s only once a week. The old adage of ‘good things come to those who wait’ may have been referring to cheese. The last week of this month we will be testing and cutting into the older cheeses as we prepare for The Trade Shows of March.

The first weekend will find us in Spokane at the Custer Arts&Crafts Spring Show. It’s a great show with loads of cool loot. If you’re in the area, please stop by. We hang out on a corner in building C. The following weekend finds us in Helena for the Made in Montana Show. Friday is exclusively for buyers so if you own a store or restaurant, that is the day for you! Saturday is open to the general public and is a blast.

As always, just looks for the tall yellow cheese flag.



Here’s a shot of last week’s batch of Hoppin’ Mad that eerily was made the day before Josh and Chuck did a shout out about our cheeses on their podcast. You might of heard of it; Stuff You Should Know.

This is our third time (I believe but may have it jumbled) naming their favorite cheese after them. It’s a weird thing we do –  naming each batch after events/friends/customers/ whims. The first time we wrote SYSK was a batch that was schedualed to be ready in time for their celebratory 1000th show. Had plotted out a big promotional blitz complete with a special SYSK Army order code to congratulate the guys on their big anniversary but….. but, before the big day came, we had already sold most of the batch. Ah, supply and demand. Even the two special wheels named Josh and Chuck respectively were gone before I even got a chance to save a piece for them! I guess this blog is our belated (and it seems regular) tribute to two wonderful guys that keep we two cheese folk informed.


Lastly, a little housekeeping. You might have noticed the website has had a few changes. Decided it was time to finally upgrade when the calendar we were using just disappeared. It didn’t just stop working, it was just gone AND, until Mike, our fabulous webmaster, finds another one that is cheesemaker friendly, I’ll be adding calendar info here in blog form.