While we wait for our web guy to return from vacation, here’s the cheese lowdown:

We are down to Plan 9 and our newest cheese, Buckshot – a whole peppercorn cheese.

Can’t really believe it’s the end August already UNTIL I look down into the vault.  Filled in May, it now sits at less than half full of cheeses that mostly won’t be ripe until the end of the year.

That’s right – the Galiki we ran out of last week won’t be available again until around Thanksgiving and it will be at least another month before we have Doorstop, Wisp o’ Smoke or Big Chai. Hoppin’ Mad, well, we’re hoping in the next week or so.

This makes me glad it’s August and not, say, June. Not sure we went through so much cheese so quickly but I guess two extra markets a week has a little to do with it!