We are serious about cheese

While the good folks at Bigfork Web Design get the online ordering aspect completed, I thought I’d share what we’re offering this Holiday Season. We have 5 different cheeses to choose from that are suitable for shipping and they are:

Doorstop Gouda – aged 6-8 months, this is a drier satisfying cheese.

Hoppin’ Mad Gouda – infused with hops oil, this Gouda holds onto some of its moisture keeping the paste creamy with a wonderful finish.

Wisp o’Smoke Doorstop Gouda – our first attempt at smoking the whole rounds. Quite tasty with just a gentle hint of apple wood smoke.

Plan 9 – Tasting more like a baby Swiss than a Gouda, we think this was a great accident!

Plan 9 Smoked – Surprised to find it tasting like a baby Swiss, we were even more surprised to find how delightful it tastes smoked. Creamy and nutty.


Whole Rounds, Half Rounds, Quarter Rounds

OR 5 Piece Sampler boxes of Eighth or Quarter Rounds.



Cheeses are $/lb. Most shipping is a flat rate within the continental United States. Larger packages cost a little more as do boxes shipped to Alaska, Hawaii and outside the United States and can be calculated at time of purchase.

Each individual order over 3 pounds will receive a complementary Hawaiian Shirt with a FLC logo. They can also be purchased as gift wrapping for smaller cheese orders for $. Please call for size and color.

Drop a line or give us a call at 406.883.0343 for more information.  Wendi