This week is devoted to all that fabulous fresh produce coming out of the gardens and Farmer’s Markets. How can you have a salad without Feta?JHS Feta Round Label png SmallWe keep ours in a brine solution so it stays creamy yet still crumbly. It’s the perfect environment for the cheese and you can taste the difference.

OK, I know what most folks are thinking and now is the time to point out a few Feta facts.

It is more than just a salad cheese or even a summer cheese. Yes, it does make those zucchinis and crook neck squash left at your door that much tastier or the greens that keep growing in the garden but it will soon be time to think fall and winter foods.

Feta makes a great salt replacement on anything you might sprinkle on your plate – soups, stews, scrambled eggs, steamed veggies – we’ve even added it to Mac and Cheese.

While it will never be a cracker cheese, it’s so much more than salads and Gyros!