When we’re not cheezing, we often find adventures to keep us somewhat out of trouble. One of the latest was entered into our local Cinemafest http://www.flicpolson.com/ and won a special award from the Judges. Take a gander and you’ll see many a local Polson establishment. If you’re not from around here, think of them as destinations you’ll strangely know when find yourself our way.

Just like when we were kids, most of the best times are when you have to make them up yourselves!


The Raving is the tale of a desperately hungry fellow and his quest to quench his desire for that which is said to be finger licking. His hopes are dashed repeatedly but being a resourceful gent, he moves onward to his next disappointment with aplomb only to discover, well, I’m giving the ending away!!

Shot in a single morning, the sky becomes the star once you’ve laughed yourself out watching Mike and listening to Joe. It’s worth watching several times to see all the nuances a tiny film can have. Ansel Adams would have lived here in Polson had he seen this flic!

If you look closely, you can see our fearless writer, editor, photographer, idea man in the window of several shots mid film.

To date, I believe my favorite response has been from Mrs Lozar’s second grade class that wondered why he didn’t just eat his hat – it’s made of cheese?!? Side Note: Not Flathead Lake Cheese cheese, mind you, just plain ol’ Green Bay Packer’s cheese.

Yup, we’re hooked on having fun and have quite a few more ideas on the table. Now we just have to get those props together.

Say, has anyone seen my minor’s hat?