Life at the Creamery


OK – I have no reason to be the Mope-a-saurus that I’ve been since March fell apart. We are healthy.  We are pretty isolated here in our tiny corner of the world and this time of year is pretty much paperwork catch up and cheese making. We’re fortunate to have our ‘essential’ business right in our backyard AND, AND dare I say, our fabulous walk up window is now fashionable. We are very fortunate.

To that end, I wanted to do something to help those who could no longer leave their homes and additions were made to the web store page ages ago. Well, 3 weeks ago but that really does seem like ages. I’m calling them Care Packages and they include an extra piece of cheese and a goofy sticker of the two of us just so you have a little more company. We’re also offering one with a bag of coffee from our good friends at the Good Coffee Roasting Company with the hope of adding to their bottom line. I see it as a double support small business with one click option.

I’ve been trying to announce this but the Mope-a-saurus in me kept eating all the words and now it’s Easter week. Our odd 3-day snowstorm cold front is over, and the flowers are springing back. The robins don’t seem to mind the weather and spend plenty of time dancing around our yards. It was announced that Farmers Markets are (at least at this moment) essential forms of grocery collection so we have that to look forward to next month. Not sure how that is going to play out but the thought of it is exhilarating!

I bought this Easter greeting card back in February when my life was still naïve and carefree. It seemed to represent just how joyful the year was to be. Now it’s the promise that we will get through this.


Wishing you health

Wishing you patience

Wishing you would buy some cheese and cheer me up!


Bunny artwork is by Jamie Taylor of the global artist community found on