Notz-Square-Label-Med As with everywhere, it’s summertime here in our little Northwest corner of the world where outdoor dining is one of our favorite activities. Our latest cheese, Notzarella (our version of that Italian staple with the similar name) is ready just in time to capture all the delights of al fresco cooking.  We are fortunate enough to have two friends with outdoor pizza ovens and don’t we all delight in testing out the Notz!

It does everything you want a mozzarella to do but with a higher butterfat content, it’s just that much more luxurious on a pizza but let’s not just go for the obvious, with all the marvelously fresh produce you can find at your local Farmer’s Market, why not chunk it up and add it to your salads, stir frys or top your baked kale chips. Kale Nachos, if you will. Or how about stuffed mini peppers. Pop them in a hot oven till they just begin to soften and you’ve got a spectacular hors d’oeurve that is easy to make, easy to take and just as easy to feast upon. Even more decadent? Add a little jalapeno jelly to the tops. Talk about a show stopper. They’ll be the first plate emptied at any gathering. Thanks to Daniel P. for that yummy addition to our summer get togethers!

However you use your cheese, let us know, we’d love to add your recipe to our repertoire of tasty ways to enjoy our tasty cheeses.

So happy summer and happy eating from your Polson cheese makers!

Joe and Wendi