It’s that time of year again when one should mull over one’s gift ideas before the season kicks in and one goes into panic mode. It’s my goal every year – one I don’t always achieve but, boy, do I attempt it!

So, rather than wait while the webmasters work their magic adding on line ordering, we thought we’d post what we will be offering this Holiday season. Gives one time to ponder their gift list and, if you see something in the limited edition categories, you can grab it before it even gets posted!

Along with the gift boxes listed below, we offer different size cheese platters. Perfect for home or office events. Call me directly to discuss.

OK, you’ve got to call to order too. 406.883.0343

Two Pack

Taste of Two

 Starring our Doorstops: Natural and Wisp o’ Smoke.

A great introduction to our cheeses.  (15-18oz)

$20.00   Gift wrapped – $30.00

Single Quarter

Quarter Doorstop

 Large enough to share, if you have to. (18-22oz)

Doorstop             $25.00                  Gift wrapped – $35.00

Wisp o’ Smoke   $30.00                  Gift wrapped – $40.00

Hoppin’ Mad      $30.00                  Gift wrapped – $40.00

Big Chai             $30.00                   Gift wrapped – $40.00

Sampler Box

Sampler Pack

No need to decide when you can have a piece of each of our cheeses.  (29-35oz)                                                       $45.00                     Gift wrapped – $55.00

Full Quarter SamplerFull Quarter Pack

Larger pieces of our cheeses. Enough for party platters

and leftovers for you.  (76-82oz)

$100.00                    Gift wrapped – $110.00

Full Round Gift BoxWhole Round Doorstop

Joe suggested we call them ‘Baby New Year’ and it’s a

resolution and tradition you can sink your teeth in to! (76-82oz)

Doorstop                    $95.00                Gift wrapped – $105.00

Wisp o’ Smoke           $110.00                 Gift wrapped – $120.00

Hoppin’ Mad     $110.00           Gift wrapped – $120.00

Big Chai             $110.00           Gift wrapped – $120.00

Big Chai Gift Package

Our latest creation comes in its own indulgent gift package.

Comes with a wedge of Big Chai Gouda (18-22oz), Tipu’s Chai Now, unsweetened Black Chai Tea (4 oz) and your choice of 4 locally made cup shape options:

$40.00           Gift wrapped – $50.00

*Please note: Quantities are extremely limited and are first call, first serve.

Deluxe Gift Package

Make a stylish statement serving our cheeses on a one of a kind, locally made art glass platter. Along with your choice of platter, this package includes quarter of each of our cheeses. (76-82oz)

*Please note: Quantities are extremely limited and are first call, first serve.                                          $150.00                    Gift wrapped – $160.00

Gift Wrapping

One of our fabulous FLC patches on an even more fabulous Hawaiian Shirt.

The collection of vintage/fun/downright cool Hawaiian shirts that we have amassed range from the 1960s to today and going off the size listed isn’t that effective so we’ve come up with width and lengths to choose from.  We’ve measured from shoulder seam to shoulder seam (where the sleeves begin) and the length of the back panel in an attempt to conform the sizes. Confession: still haven’t gotten a chance to measure them so, until posted,  give us a call for sizes. We’ll choose the pattern and color from there.

P.S. – we sent this example out last year.

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