Week of 22-28Aug and, well, Week of 29Aug- 4Sep

“What’s going on with those cheese people?”

Somehow, I let a whole week slide by without visiting with you.

The 22nd started with the last day Good Coffee Roasting Company was open at its old location – pretty much right across the street from us – and then the week went crazy from there. Made curds on Monday and then I don’t know what happened to the week!

Yesterday was the last big move for GCRC (above mentioned Coffee folks) to their Main St location and I had several very kind folks who called and waited while I got back to the Creamery as I was helping move precious coffee cargo.

Today we offered our own version of a coffee shop to all our friends who meet on Sundays for coffee. Even had some customers query if coffee was available. Nice way to start the week.

We’ve been filling a few big orders on natural and smoked curds so haven’t been able to make the Wasabi and Jalapeno curds lately but hoping for one more big make of all the flavors before the season ends.

We’ve cut the last of the Galiki with nothing left in the vault till we make more so, once it’s gone, it won’t be back until next Spring.


Available Cheeses this week:

Curds – Natural, Smoked and Garlic



Some aged


Tuesday, Whitefish Farmers Market 5-7:30

Thursday, Ronan Farmers Market 4-7pm (going to pass again)

Friday, Polson Farmers Market 9-1pm

Saturday, Kalispell Farmers Market 9-12:30