Thought that might get your attention.  That’s where we were 4 years ago this week. Makes it hard to concentrate but I have news I need to share.

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve stepping into the sun (and not the past sun of 4 years ago but the sun of the present) and finally are offering gift cards here on our site. So, rather than make you choose (I know I am having major issues with focusing these days!), you can just send a gift card and even write your own words of sweetness to the lucky recipient of your kindness. Recipients can use them at their leisure and can even check their balance. Discreetly hidden at the bottom of whatever page you’re on BUT I would recommend the home page so Joe can watch. Check it out – it’s a hoot!

A big huge thank you to everyone who has contacted us – it’s wonderful to hear from you.

Stay well and far apart

Joe and Wendi