Week of 8-14Aug

“What’s going on with those cheese people?”

OK So I had started this on Sunday – well, I changed the date and came up with a title – and then, well, the week unfolded.

One of the ‘perks’ of being 10 years old is that your equipment is 10+ years old. Side note – how is everyone’s fluent French? Mine is really rusty and peppered with Spanish verbs but that’s another story. The beginning of the week was also peppered but this time with attempts to order a part for one of the many machinie thingies that facilitate our day to day activities. Then another chooses (yup – inanimate objects willfully making a choice) to break down moving us into an even gloomier cloud of funk.   OK – nothing we can’t survive and rally to find ways around but, really, the cheese makers are wearing out!

Now it’s late Thursday. Let’s talk the weekend markets. We’ll have the last of the Wisp o’ Smoke and Big Chai available Friday at the Polson Mkt then they are gone for a while. Like Christmas while. Probably sell all the curds Friday too.  Sorry Saturday Kalispell folks. Lots of Notzarella left, she says smilingly.

We made more curds yesterday (Wednesday) so will be ready again next week AND I finally was able to pick up more Bison Summer Sausage. Available only at the walk up window which still has no bistro tables….inside joke… but does have a couple folks who are always happy to have visitors!

Available Cheeses this week:

Curds – Out of Wasabi



All aged except Hoppin’ Mad


Tuesday, Whitefish Farmers Market 5-7:30 by the train station. Missed that trying to speak French.

Thursday, Ronan Farmers Market 4-7pm behind the Visitors Center on Hwy 93 (Please note, if it is hot and now smokey, I probably won’t attend.) Now, I just forget. Oh dear.

Friday, Polson Farmers Market 9-1pm 3rd and Main

Saturday, Kalispell Farmers Market 9-12:30 South end of the Community College up near Costco

Stop by every Monday to find out where we will be, any events going on AND what cheeses we have available. Of course, any deviations that happen during the week will be found on social media – Twitter, Instagram or FB.

If you’d like to join the ever so infrequent newsletter list, you can sign up on our website or email me at cheeseme@flatheadlakecheese.com  It’s been nearly a year but it’s where we’ll be sharing a secret or two.


Have a safe and fabulous week! Wendi and Joe