Had the opportunity to do a cheese making demonstration this past weekend at the annual Montana Farmer’s Union Women’s Conference. In fact, we kicked off the event, magically turning Kalispell Kreamery whole milk into curds, while the participants Kalispell Kreamerygathered for what turned out to be a motivating yet relaxing two days.

The IMG_0105Key Note Speaker, Kriss Marion, spoke of the creation of the Soil Sisters and how one tiny spark turned into a snowflake of opportunities for those in her surrounding area of Wisconsin and how that model can easily work for any one with a need and the drive to see their ideas grow.

It gave me thoughts on how to work to bring the diverse population of the Mission Valley together to share concepts, suggestions, recommendations and formulate a stronger sense of community among those who share this magnificent part of the planet. I’m not sure if and or when I’m going to get to this project and IMG_0104be able to plant that first seed but it’s there; where it will niggle my sub-conscience, quietly growing from an spark into a full blown idea. Or, it could die. (and, since no one reads these few and far between blogs, I’ll not be held to perform!) and I’ll wonder, in my old age, why I never acted.

Ah well, the nature of inspirations. IMG_0117While it may not grow, the concept of how it was created does and I feel my brain rewiring how I should approach challenges. So perhaps you’ll never get that handwritten letter on homemade paper inviting you to a Cultural Cookie Exchange, but the concept will be part of how I present and share going forward.

IMG_0116Like Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s creation, once it’s out, there’s no going back!