Ok, oh kay.  Just a little behind in what I insisted was a vital part of the sharing process so, with good intentions, I’m starting back up on the adventure of a batch from dairy to finished. Or, at least what we have available now.

Here we go.

Unable to procure any more of the beautiful hops product we had used in the past, we started searching for a replacement. Batch 169 tested out such a product. At 7 months, it was ghastly, at 9, still no good. This was December and we had run out of aged cheese on the 26th so we decided, to heck with it, left it alone and only thought of it when it was in the way of all the new batches we were making.

Mid March of this year we finally tried it again and, at 13 months, it was finally ready!

Now it’s mid June and we are down to the last few pieces. Such a beautiful cheese. Needless to say, we have moved onto a different, hopefully more cooperative hops product. Let’s hope the wait isn’t as long!