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Monthly Archives: February 2013


So you have these big ideas – this website being one of mine. ‘Oh, sure’, you think,’I can update that thing everyday, heck, twice a day. Keep it fresh and fun.’ Well, here it’s been over two months since I’ve visited my own website. How ghastly of me! That task master called time seems to have scooped up nearly the first months of the year filling it with the prescient and non – income taxes and much cheese making, death and broken bones in the family – and, while they will continue, I seem to have found a bit more centeredness to my life and the need to share some of the excitements that have comeĀ our way.


Twister – a Jersey, Holstein cross

We had a fantastic visit with two new farmers to our valley who plan to start a dairy. In fact, after our visit, they were on their way to pick up their second calf reminding me to enjoy the adventure and feel the excitement of what every day has to offer.

Connie and Beignet, a Jersey girl

Connie and Beignet, a Jersey girl

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